The CoolPigz Whitepaper

What is Cool Pigz?

Cool Pigz is a super-cute NFT collection that is the foundation of an interactive and fun, combat-based P2E game built in NFT Worlds. Cool Pigz is establishing an ecosystem where players can interact with their NFTs in immersive ways and have a say in the project's progress with the establishment of a DAO. There are 5,555 Cool Pigz, all of which are created using a meticulously balanced rarity table containing over 250 traits. Depending on the rarity, the pigz will bring various power-ups to their holders, while creating balanced game mechanics among holders and non-holders.
Everyone can enjoy this world with or without holding a Cool Pigz NFT. Being a holder has significant advantages in terms of the $WRLD that’s earned from the minigames. Phase 1.0, led by the Cool Pigz team will have three minigames. The first game is a team deathmatch and it’s accessible by everyone, the second game is Sky Wars, and it requires an entry fee, which you can generate by winning the first game a couple of times, it brings more bang for the buck. The third game, kart race is only accessible by holders.
More games will be added with the establishment of a DAO, holders will get to choose the minigames and the game mechanics, but it’s still in the frame of perfect balance between holders and non-holders.
As a team full of born-gamers, we believe that competition is key when it comes to enjoying a game. Combining fun gameplay with a rewarding mechanism, players will have much more fun with games they loved and played for years.