The CoolPigz Whitepaper

The Vision of Cool Pigz

Cool Pigz is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) Minecraft metaverse that’s on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Cool Pigz project is in continuous evolution. What started as a community-building experience became a project that aims to change the way people approach Play-to-Earn and gaming at its essential elements. Cool Pigz is now working to welcome everyday gamers into the world of crypto gaming by building the most rewarding and competitive Minecraft metaverse. As the Cool Pigz team, we aim to lead the Minecraft metaverses by creating exposure towards Cool Pigz and NFT Worlds through our connections.
Cool Pigz vision is to be the bridge between gamers and crypto gaming. Redesigning favorite minigames to earn players crypto as they do what they love, driven by the community, built for and with the community.
-Cool Pigz Team