The CoolPigz Whitepaper


Public Mint

Cool Pigz public sale is open for everyone, at 0.08 $ETH everyone can mint a Cool Pig. Each wallet is allowed for 4 mints.

WL (Whitelist)

You got whitelisted? Cool!
Whitelisted frens can get two piggies in the Cool Pigz presale for 0.06 $ETH each.

OG WL (OG Whitelist)

OG Whitelists or “OGs” can get not one, not two, but three Cool Pigz and that’s not even the best part! One of them will be on the Cool Pigz team!
OGs can mint 2 CoolPigz at 0.05 $ETH in the Cool Pigz presale, + 1 Free Pig will be airdropped by the Cool Pigz Team.
Mint Category
Available to mint
Mint price per NFT
Public Mint
4 Cool Pigz
0.08 $ETH
2 Cool Pigz
0.06 $ETH
OG Whitelist
2 Cool Pigz + 1 Free
0.05 $ETH