The CoolPigz Whitepaper

Why Minecraft?

Every gamer must have encountered Minecraft at some point in their life, whether it makes up your best childhood memories or if it’s still your daily go-to game, with over a hundred million players around the world it is the epitome of creativity that is building bigger every day. Its open-source mod availability and customization, one of the key features that drove the Minecraft community to create non-stop, now moved Minecraft onto the blockchain with the NFT Worlds ecosystem. This does not only prove that Minecraft is one of the most versatile games ever made, but it also paves the way for future possibilities for Minecraft. Minecraft has virtually unlimited potential in terms of imagination and the ceiling is only technical limitations. Cool Pigz founders have all played and been through the epic journey that is Minecraft and now want to share this experience on its next steps into the Metaverse with Cool Pigz community.
To see how and why NFT Worlds utilizes Minecraft see more at:​
Cool Pigz Team's connection to Minecraft extends to its early days. All members have been a part of Minecraft's journey throughout the years.
Cool Pigz Founder Batuhan Büyükakkan, created and hosted Minecraft servers all the way back in 2011 and 2013. Since then, Minecraft always held a big place in his life. It was Minecraft that drove Batuhan to start creating content at an early age and in 2015 he became a full-time content creator. He now has over 1M followers on social media.
​​ The team is thrilled to continue this journey onto new horizons now equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and experience.