The CoolPigz Whitepaper

Phase 2.0


Cool Pigz is also in The Sandbox! Cool Pigz community vault already has two Lands in The Sandbox. Cool Pigz hub will include social features and games for everyone to enjoy. In The Cool Pigz Sandbox lands, holders will have privileges to invitations and exclusive events. Everyone in Cool Pigz community can participate in games and public events alongside holders.
Cool Pigz already has three Sandbox lands.
CoolPigzVault : 0xc381039aad68ca5a91f1e85efbe417f5b8726878
UGC90 Wallet 6: 0x202B7aeCa29e3F5BA99135e002D7ca5DF5b07f99


Cool Pigz is all about community building and standing strong together as one. Working for a goal for the future of gaming, it would only be fair to spread this endeavor to all gamers that share the Cool Pigz vision. Breeding Cool Pigz will create opportunities for more community members to access Cool Pigz privileges and be a part of the DAO in the future.
Every holder of two Cool Pigz will be able to breed Cooler Pigz, and this NFT will bring various utilities to their holders in the upcoming minigames and Minecraft worlds 👀