The CoolPigz Whitepaper

P2E Mechanics

Play to earn mechanics of Cool Pigz’ NFT Worlds server is based on two currencies,

Crypto token $WRLD

$WRLD is the native token of NFT Worlds which is where the Cool Pigz play to earn Minecraft server resides. Players can convert their PORK won in the mini-games of Cool Pigz P2E server for $WRLD and trade it at an exchange to earn.
$WRLD Token Contract: 0xd5d86fc8d5c0ea1ac1ac5dfab6e529c9967a45e9

In-game PORK

PORK is the in-game currency of the Cool Pigz server, PORK is not a crypto token but an intermediary for use. PORK will have in-game shop functionalities and it will also earn players crypto. It is won through mini-games and can be converted to $WRLD token.
By using PORK as an enabler Cool Pigz will bring P2E players of crypto and NFT space together with everyday gamers.

Game Rewards

Being a holder of CoolPigz NFTs will have advantages in the Cool Pigz Minecraft metaverse, but everyone in the community can earn $WRLD tokens just for playing.
Holders of The CoolPigz NFTs will be earning significantly more, details and rewards will be constantly updated. Kart race has a 3 $WRLD entry fee that gives players a chance to wager and win a bigger reward!

Earnings Table

Rewards are calculated based on the number of players expected to play on The CoolPigz server and the amount of NFT Worlds that will be purchased through the community wallet for the CoolPigzVault. The Cool Pigz community wallets will be supplied with %20 of all income Cool Pigz from initial and secondary sales.
CoolPigzVault : 0xc381039aad68ca5a91f1e85efbe417f5b8726878
CoolPigzVault2 : 0xadd236051ef3875ab1f9a81891463ffe5d4cc1fa
UGC90 Wallet 6: 0x202B7aeCa29e3F5BA99135e002D7ca5DF5b07f99
These three wallets contain the three NFT Worlds that Cool Pigz already owns and reward $WRLD tokens
Paintball Arena
Pig Wars
Non Holder
0.25 $WRLD
0.5 $WRLD
0.50 $WRLD
Do remember that there is an entry fee for Kart Race of 3 $WRLD!
Kart Race
Non Holder
15 $WRLD
15.25 $WRLD
16.5 $WRLD
18.25 $WRLD
20.5 $WRLD
24 $WRLD
30 $WRLD