The CoolPigz Whitepaper


The Cool Pigz NFT Worlds server will introduce 3 games, with more to come on the way.

Paintball Arena

Paintball arena is basically a Free for All Death Match but BOINKY! Players are spawned in with a bacon gun with infinite ammo! In this game mode, two teams will battle it out in an arena in different game modes. The winner will be decided on scores, each kill is worth 1 score. Battle it out until the time runs out, move with caution, strategize to get an advantage, and win!

Pig Wars

In Pig Wars (Sky Wars but OINK), players spawn in an island base with a “Wooden Sword” to battle with and a “Compass” to track their opponents' distance and direction. A pig lives in the middle of every island base, while a resource generator in the back provides upgrade materials over time. The pig serves as the player's respawn point and must be safeguarded from opponents, protect it with your life! The resource generator spawns resources that are used to purchase upgrades in the game's “Item Shop” to become stronger and defeat opponent pigs while defending your own.

Kart Race

Kart Race is like its name is a racing game mode! Race against other holders in COOL tracks! Start by hopping on to your kart and use special power-ups to disrupt your opponents. Strategy is key to winning in this game mode, time your powerups and use them effectively while maintaining tempo!